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Dossier Scandinavia

Are you going to study in Scandinavia? Then it is absolutely a MUST to read the following report on care for the elderly and disabled. Dutch administrators have been going on study tours to Scandinavia for decades to see how care for the elderly and disabled is organized. The report VWS commissioned from Vilans will surprise you.

We have been following Scandinavia's example for years when it comes to housing and vacations. But now we want to learn more about care and day care at home as it is done in Scandinavia. By engaging with parents and experts of disabled children in Scandinavia, we can learn how to optimize care for Doris.

If you have read the entire report and think, I want to know more about that! We invite you to come for coffee and get to know Doris. Perhaps we can even be of some help to each other.

​Additional update: Be sure to read JAG's presentation (link) from the Independent Living Institute on the disability care solution they have in Sweden!

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Bright minds, better future

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